Lifes a Gas Quiz 1

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1. Which gas is tested for using the lime-water test?

2. ?Its a gas, gas, gas? is a line from which Rolling Stones hit?

3. Which gas is the main constituent of air?

4. Who played the curate in the 60s series ?All gas and Gaiters??

5. Which gas has a characteristic smell of Rotten Eggs?

6. Who sang ?twas on the Monday morning the gasman came to call??

7. Where is Gascony?

8. What was the name of the gas that was used in Nazi concentration camps to exterminate people?

9. Which gas is known as marsh gas?

10. Which gas has the chemical symbol Rn?  


1. Carbon Dioxide

2. Jumping Jack Flash

3. Nitrogen

4. Derek Nimmo

5. Hydrogen Sulphide

6. Flanders and Swann

7. France

8. Zyklon B

9. Methane

10. Radon


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