Hobbies and Leisure Quiz 1

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1. In which two world famous French Chateaus would one find a hall of mirrors?

2. The bluebell railway straddles which 2 counties?

3. What does son et lumiere mean?

4. What do you use to play craps?

5. How many dominoes are there in a double six set?

6. How many different topics are there in a game of Trivial Pursuit?

7. In which month would you go to watch Trooping the Colour?

8. Where in Paris would you find the tomb of Napolean?

9. Chemin de fer is a type of which game?

10. Which phenomenon might you be interested in if you went to Drumnadrochit?  


1. The Louvre  or The Palace of Versailles

2. East and West Sussex

3. Sound and Light

4. Dice

5. 28

6. 6

7. June

8. Les Invalides

9. Baccarat

10. Loch Ness Monster


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