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1. What is the name of the island off Cornwall you can walk to if the tide is out?

2. Which Micky was producer for the Suzi Quatro hits?

3. Michael Pasternak, a former BBC Radio One deejay, had which stagename?

4. The Michael Caine film Zulu was about the battle at where?

5. In which month is Michaelmas Day?

6. Marion Michael Morrison is better known as whom?

7. Who had a 1961 No.1 hit with Michael?

8. When can someone slip a musician ? 

9. In what picture did Mickey Mouse make his film debut?

10. Who played Michael Corleone in "The Godfather"?  

11. Which fictional PM appears in the books by Michael Dobbs and was portrayed on TV by Ian Richardson?

12. Who created Paddington Bear?

13. In which film does Michael Caine play the part of an alcoholic teacher who has lost the ability to enjoy life?

14. Who won the US Presidential election that Michael Dukakis lost for the opposing party?

15. In which sport has Michael Lynagh represented Australia?


1. St Michael's Mount

2. Most

3. Emperor Rosko

4. Rorkes Drift

5. September 24th

6. John Wayne

7. The Highwaymen

8. When it's a 'Mickey Finn'.

9. Steamboat Willie

10. Al Pacino

11. Francis Urquarht

12. Michael Bond

13. Educating Rita

14. George Bush (1988)

15. Rugby Union


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