Brass and Bronze Quiz 1

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1. Who had a number 1 record in 1980 with Brass in Pocket

2. Which 2 metals constitute Bronze?

3. Which singer formed the Tijuana Brass?

4. Aside from brass instruments, what other kind of instrument can be found in the brass section of an orchestra?

5. As what is Italian Bronzino remembered?

6. Which British athlete won a bronze medal in the 100m at the 1988 Olympics, later upgraded to a silver?

7. What is meant by the slag term a ?brass? particularly when used in police dramas?

8. What kind of buildings are associated with brass rubbings?

9. Who sculpted the bronze statue ?the thinker??

10. Which actor had the leading role in the 80s TV series Brass  


1. The Pretenders

2. Copper & Tin

3. Herp Alpert

4. Drums

5. A sculptor

6. Linford Christie

7. A prostitute

8. Churches

9. Auguste Rodin

10. Timothy West


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