Bishops Quiz 1

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1. What Is The Name Of A Bishops Head Dress?

2. Ed Bishop Was The Leading Actor In Which Cult Sc-Fi T.V. Series?

3. Which City?s Bishop Signs His Name As Lindum?

4. Who Is The Archbishop Of Canterbury Who Has Just Announced His Retirement?

5. What Was Emily Bishop?s Maiden Name In Coronation Street?

6. In Which County Is The Town Of Bishop Auckland

7. Off The Coast Of Which County Is Bishops Rock Light House

8. How Many Archbishops Does The Church Of England Have

9. What Character Did Ian Smith Play In Neighbours

10. Demond Tutu Is best known for his position as the Archbishop Of Which South African City


1. Mitre

2. U.F.O. (Played Ed Straker)

3. Lincoln

4. George Carey

5. Nugent

6. County Durham

7. Cornwall

8. Two (Canterbury, York)

9. Harold Bishop

10. Capetown


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