Multiple Choice Quiz 3

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The table below contains questions and four possible answers to each question.

The correct answer is indicated by the letter in the very right-hand column.

#QuestionAnswer AAnswer BAnswer CAnswer D?
1 Which pop duo was the first western band to play in The Peoples Republic of China? Wham Simon and Garfunkel Chas and Dave Right Said Fred A
2 Timber selected from how many fully grown oak trees were needed to build a large 3 decker Royal Navy battle ship in the 18th century? 50 500 1,500 3,500 D
3 Speed skating originated in which country? Russia Netherlands Canada Norway B
4 Off the coast of which country did the Amoco Cadiz sink? South Africa France USA Spain B
5 The song 'An Englishman in New York' was about which man? Quentin Crisp Sting John Lennon Gordon Sumner A
6 In the book The Last Of The Mohicans what was the name of Chingachgook's only son? Mingo Lightfoot Magua Uncas D
7 In which year did Louis Reard invent the bikini? 1906 1926 1946 1966 C
8 In which continent did the ostrich originate? Africa Australia North America Asia A
9 What are the names of the two main characters in Diana Gabaldon's highland saga novels? Jamie and Claire Fergus and Fiona Rab and Elizabeth Hamish and Maggie A
10 Julius Caesar said "The die is cast" after crossing which river? Danube Rubicon Thames Tiber B
11 Who was the only English player to win the European Golden Boot award?  Robbie Fowler Michael Owen Gary Lineker Kevin Phillips D
12 Doris Day had a sleepy hit with which song? Pillow talk Golden slumbers The beds too big without you Tears on my pillow A
13 Which singer once took a bite out of a Beach Boys record during a press conference? Robbie Williams Engelbert Humperdinck Shane McGowan James Blunt C
14 Who was the first band to play at the Cavern Club? Swinging Blue Jeans The 
Beatles Merseybeats B
15 What are Lanthanides? Elements in the periodic table Mountains on Earth Mountains on the Moon Bacterium A
16 Which band was not from Liverpool? Searchers A Flock of Seagulls Stone the crows OMD C
17 Which boxer twice defeated Nigel Benn in 1996? Thulani Malinga Steve Collins Roy Jones Gerald McClellan B
18 On what make of motorcycle did Barry Sheene win the 500cc-world title in 1977? Kawasaki Suzuki Mitsubishi Yamaha B
19 What part of the body does a turtle use to breathe? Belly Shell Mouth Anus D
20 For how long is a dog pregnant? 9 Weeks 9 Days 9 Months 9 Fortnights A

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