French Cuisine Quiz 1

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1. What type of soup is a julienne?

2. At what stage of the meal would you eat a charlotte?

3. Which region of France is the original home of Calvados?

4. What is Coquille St. Jacques a fancy name for?

5. What is the head waiter in a French restaurant called?

6. How is a drink served when it?s described as frappe?

7. What name is given to a ham & cheese sandwich dipped in beaten egg and deep fried?

8. What is the difference between pommes and pommes de terre?

9. What have you ordered if a thin pancake is cooked in butter, sugar, orange juice and Curaco, and then flambeed at your table?

10. Francois-Rene de Chateaubriand was a novelist, poet and politician. What type of food was name after him?  


1. Clear soup with thin strips of vegetables

2. Dessert

3. Normandy

4. Scallops

5. Maitre D?Hotel

6. Iced

7. Croque Monsieur

8. Apples and potatoes

9. Crepe Suzette

10. Fillet of Beef


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