Tie Breakers 3

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New!!The following questions are all tie-breakers, to be used in the event where two or more teams end the competition with exactly the same amount of points. It is assumed that no team will actually know the correct answer but the points are given to the team closest to the correct answer. 

1. How many weeks was the album Dark Side Of The Moon in the US hitparade?

2. How many people has Rambo liquidated in all four Rambo films?

3. How many Dollars did the US pay Russia for Alaska.

4. How many millionaires were aboard the ill-fated Titanic?

5. According to Guinness Brewing Company, facial hair is responsible for an incredible amount of wasted beer. They estimate that as many as how many pints of their beer are trapped in moustaches and wiped away every year?

6. Over how many rounds did John L Sullivan beat Jake Kilrain in 1889 in the last bare knuckle World Heavyweight boxing contest?

7. In which year did James Plimpton invent the 4 Wheel Roller Skates?

8. Many people know (thanks to many pub quiz questions being written about such fact) that England's oldest ally is Portugal, thanks to the two countries signing the Treaty of Windsor. In which year was the treaty signed, marking the start of this long allegiance?

9. How deep is the deepest part of the Atlantic Ocean?


1. 741 weeks (over fourteen years!)

2. 220

3. 7,200,000

4. 57

5. 162,000

6. 75

7. 1863

8. 1386

9. 8,605 metres (28,230 ft) below sea level, the Puerto Rico Trench


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