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1. What common ailment is known as Tinea Pedis in Latin?

The USA2. How many American states are at least partially north of Canada's southernmost point - Middle Island, Ontario: 
    a: 7 
    b: 12
    c: 21
    d: 27 ?

3. Which one of these never visited England? 
    Julius Caesar, 
    John F Kennedy, 
    Elvis Presley 
    or Mahatma Gandhi

4. What links these professions: 
    Snow plough driver, 
    Manager of a country singer, 
    Singer in a barbershop quartet, 
    Worker in a 24-hour supermarket 
    and a Monorail conductor?

5. What links: 
    Laughing Gravy, 
    and Toast?

6. What is the highest achievable break in Snooker?

7. In the Catalan version he is a Mexican emigrant. In the Spanish version he is from Naples. Where is he from in the British version?

River Danube8. Which four capital cities lie on the River Danube?

9. Which building was Frank Wills a security guard at?

10. After Osama Bin Laden, which person was searched for most on the Internet in September 2005?

11. Which US agency has primary jurisdiction over the protection of the President, Vice President, their immediate families, other high ranking government officials?

12. What religion did Albania officially adopt under Enver Hoxha from 1944 to 1954?

13. It is identified as the symbol of an order of Christian warriors, and has eight points that are said to symbolise the chivalric virtues. What is it?

14. In Scotland and Ireland, what type of structure is referred to as a 'Crannog'?

15. Which famous 'house' is located at 10236 Charing Cross Road in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles, California?

16. Large white, Chester White and Landrace are all examples of what?

17. In which city can one find Logan Airport?

18. Which animals do HIPPOPHOBES fear?

19. How many cards are there in a Modern Tarot card deck?

20. "Love Happy" was in 1949 the last film for which famous comedians'?


1. Athlete's foot

2. 27

3. Elvis Presley - he only got as far as Prestwick in Scotland

4. All have been done by Homer Simpson

5. Dogs in films (The Wizard Of Oz, Laurel And Hardy's Laughing Gravy, Beethoven and Funny Bones)

6. 155 following on from foul shot by opponent

7. Barcelona (Manuel in Fawlty Towers)

8. Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest and Belgrade

9. The Watergate Building

10. Nostradamus

11. The secret service

12. Atheism

13. Maltese cross

14. An artificial or natural island, used for a settlement.

15. The Playboy mansion

16. Pigs - These are pig breeds.

17. Boston

18. Horses

19. 78

20. The Marx Brothers

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