Steven's Quiz 3

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1. To which flower family does garlic belong?

2. All you want is a big coffee with skimmed milk. So where would that be called a "massimo skinny caffe latte"; 
    a: Pret a Manger    
    b: Starbucks    
    c: Caffe Nero     
    d: Costa coffee?

3. As of June 2006, the 192nd member state joined the United Nations. It is... 
    a: Macedonia    
    b: Montenegro    
    c: Albania    
    d: Kosovo?

4. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of: 
    a: Mongolia     
    b: Kazakhstan     
    c: Uzbekistan     
    d: Kyrgyzstan?

5. Popular among Finns, advocates of winter ice-swimming say it gives many health benefits. It is thought to: 
    a: Improve blood circulation 
    b: Release endorphins as testicles retreat into the abdomen 
    c: Relieve arthritis symptoms 
    d: all of the above

6. What colour is the zero on a roulette wheel?

7. What did Dennis Tito pay £14m for?

8. After seeing her Virgin Tour in 1986, Billboard Magazine editor Paul Grein reportedly predicted Madonna would: 
    a: Be the biggest selling female artist of all time 
    b: Be out of business within six months 
    c: Be excommunicated from the Catholic Church 
    d: Be a fashion icon?

9. Jane Fonda inspired the US to exercise with aerobics sweeping the country. But at its height in 1986, how many Americans did enough exercise? 
    a: 2%     
    b: 12 %     
    c: 20%

10. How many teaspoons make a tablespoon?

11. Which of the world's ten longest rivers flows both north and south across the equator, and over Stanley Falls, besides?

12. What transportation hub on the Main River is also home to the world's largest annual book fair?

13. An ounce is a unit of measure. What is an ounce in the animal kingdom?

14. In what Tuscan city would you cross the Arno at the Ponte Vecchio, the only local bridge spared during World War II?

15. Judas was related to James, but because of a certain traitor, he is also called Jude. Or what other name?

16. Where would you have found the wicked party towns of Sodom and Gomorrah?

17. Paul raised this issue with Philemon, and it would later resonate in American history. What is it?

18. Founded by Guru Ram Das in 1574, Amristar hosts which religion's principal shrine?

19. What North African capital did the Romans call Icosium, and do the Arabs today call Al Jazair?

20. Long before the euro, a gold coin called the florin was once Europe's standard currency. Where was the florin from?


1. Lily

2. d: Costa coffee

3. b: Montenegro

4. a: Mongolia

5. d: Advocates say the chilly dip provides all of these boosts.

6. Green

7. A trip into space.

8. b: He reportedly said: "Cyndi Lauper will be around for a long time. Madonna will be out of business in six months."

9. c: The US Department of Health and Human Services reported it was 20 percent.

10. 4 (four)

11. Congo

12. Frankfurt

13. A (mountain) leopard

14. Florence

15. Thaddeus

16. Near the Dead Sea

17. Salves / Slavery

18. Sikhism

19. Algiers

20. Florence, Italy

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