Steven's Quiz 5

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1. Which letter comes next in this sequence: Z X C V B N...?

2. Where might you see a Snellen Chart?

3. Which European capital city's name translates as 'Blackpool'?

4. What was unusual about the Daily Telegraph crosswords during the first 6 months of 1944?

5. The clothing logo DKNY is short for what?

6. From which animal does the perfume ingredient ambergris originate?

7. Who was the last British Prime Minister not to have a wife?

8. Which two creatures are on the Australian coat of arms?

9. What variety of mandarin orange takes its name from a city in Morocco?

10. Who did John Hinkley attempt to assassinate in 1982?


1. M (look at your computer keyboard)

2. In an opticians

3. Dublin, Ireland

4. They contained the codes for the codes for Normandy landings

5. Donna Karan New York

6. The Whale

7. Margaret Thatcher

8. The kangaroo and the emu.

9. Tangarine

10. US President, Ronald Reagan


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