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1. If some used nuclear reactor fuel has a half-life of 20 years, how long will it be before the radiation level is a quarter of what it is now:
    a: 10 Years, b: 20 Years, c: 30 Years or d: 40 Years?

2. If my mass is 110kg, and acceleration due to gravity is 10 metres per second squared, what is my weight:
    a: 1100kg, b: 110kg, c: 1100N or d: 11N?

3. Which of these places has the least amount of rain falling per head of population:
    a: London, b: Rome or c: Istanbul?

4. What is classical origin of the word "genius":
    a: Great artist, b: Guardian spirit or c: Divine gift?

5. With what period of music would you associate the composer Haydn:
    a: Renaissance, b: Baroque, c: Classical or d: Romantic?

6. Mozart wrote his first keyboard piece, Andante in C, in 1761. How old was the composer:
    a: 5, b: 8 or c: 12 years old?

7. In 1066, Harold Godwineson and Harald Hardraada fought at which battleground?
    a: Stamford Bridge, b: Hastings, c: Battle or d: Trafford?

8. Rosa Parks, who died in 2005, started a bus boycott in which US city?

9. If each Briton had to fetch and carry the water they use each day for washing, cooking and flushing, how much would we have to lug home:
    a: 25 2-litre bottles
    b: 50 2-litre bottles or
    c: 75 2-litre bottles?

10. Which of the following has by far the most vitamin C: 
    a: Gooseberries, b: Redcurrants or c: Blackcurrents?

11. What does the acronym SCUBA stand for?

12. Who was the first professional footballer to be knighted? by a reigning British monarch?

13. In the New Testament who was beheaded by Herod at the request of Salome?

14. What are the flat treeless plains of Argentina called?

15. What organs does Silicosis affect?


1. d: 40 Years

2. c: 110N

3. a: London

4. b: Guardian spirit - The genius in Roman mythology was a person's guardian spirit.

5. c: Classical. The term is often used generically to refer to any music that isn't pop. However, in its proper-name form, it describes the musical style between c.1750-1820.

6. a: 5. Mozart was only five. He had been playing the violin, clavier and organ from the age of three.

7. a: Stamford Bridge - While Harold Godwineson, the English king, was fighting in the north, the Norman army took the opportunity to land at Pevensey.

8. Montgomery

9. a: 75 2-litre bottles - at least 75 2-litre bottles for day, the equivalent of filling 16 buckets.

10. c: blackcurrants, which have 200mg per 100g serving. Redcurrants have 40mg and gooseberries 26mg. Growing blackcurrants was encouraged during WWII to promote a healthier diet.

11. Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus

12. Stanley Matthews

13. John the Baptist

14. The Pampas

15. The lungs


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