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Riddle time

The following quiz questions are in riddle form, solve the riddles to gain the points.

1. In this place, blue is orange and green is hooped. Seven letters beginning with 'G'.

2. Which provincial city, home to a 400ft-long painting of a historic victory against the Russians became easier to reach in 2005 thanks to Ryanair but no easier to pronounce?

3. How can you measure exactly 4ml of water in a 5ml glass? You have only a 5ml glass, a 3ml glass and unlimited water. There are no measuremnets on the glasses and the 4ml of water has to be accurate in the 5ml glass.

4. If you eat it, you will die. It is greater than God, yet more evil than the Devil. The rich need it. The poor have it. What is it?

5. A single number - six letters in the word and the fourth is an 'O'

6. Once upon a time there was just one. This one then split to become eight. Legend has it that one was lost. Two of them are sometimes considered the same so count as one. All those remaining all start with and end with the same letter. What are they?

7. There is one four letter word in English which is understood worldwide, and is the same in every language in every country. It is always pronounced the same. What is it? (Clue: should your quiz contestants need one: it has something to do with transport.)

8. I have seas but no water, coasts with no sand, towns but no people, mountains no land.

9. How far can a dog run into a forest?

10. Easy one: A man was looking at a portrait. Someone asked him at whom he was looking. He said: "Brothers and sisters have I none, but this man's father is my father's son." Whose picture was he looking at?


1. GLASGOW - Blue is Orange (Protestant) and Green is Hooped (Glasgow Celtic football team play in green horizontal stripes, giving the impression of hoops around the players).

2. Wroclaw, Poland

3. Fill the 3ml glass to the top and pour it into the 5ml glass. Repeat this again but stop as the 5ml glass gets to being exactly full, this leaves 1ml of water in the 3ml glass and 5ml in the 5ml glass. Empty the 5ml glass and pour the 1ml of water from the 3ml glass into the 5ml glass. Fill the 3ml glass again and add it to the 1ml in the 5ml glass, thus giving exactly 4ml of water in the 5ml glass.

4. Nothing - exactly that, nothing.

5. Sudoku - which means "Single Number" in Japanese.



8. A Map or Atlas

9. A dog can run halfway into a forest, over that distance it would be running out of a forest.

10.  His son. Since he has no Brothers, his Father's son is himself, and that make him "this man's Father".


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