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1. I was born on May the 6th, 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom, as the second son of Leo and Hazel. My full name has the initials A.C.L.B. and I have been the longest serving leader of my political party. Who am I?

2. What was the year? Look at the following clues and decided in which year all these events happened:

  • The Irish band U2 releases its 3rd album War,
  • Ronald Regan declares that this year is the year of the Bible and calls the Soviet Union an "evil empire" and
  • Korean Air Flight 007 is shot down by a Soviet Union jet fighter when the commercial aircraft enters Soviet airspace. All 269 on board are killed

3. A type of pasta, the name means "little tongues" in Italian

4. and 5. In 2005, the country spending the most amount of US dollars on their Military budget was the USA, having spent a whopping  $522 billion. Which three countries come in second, third and fourth place?

6. What is the name of the list of infections that are transmitted by the sexual contact between humans and animals?  Eight letters and the second is an 'O'.

7. The following words come from which famous song:
    "If I had only listen to what my mamma said, I'd be at home today, But being so young and foolish, my Lord, Let a gambler lead me astray. "?

8. What does Tenerife and Scotland have in common? Clue: Think colours.

9. The following words are all examples of what:
    Aar, Reuss, Linth, Saane and Thur?

10. In which part of the body can one find the common peroneal nerve?

11. CYNOPHOBIA is the fear of what?

12. What colour is ANGELICA?

13. What does a PETROLOGIST study?

14. What is different/special about a book or manuscript referred to as an ORIHON?

15. Cars with the country code "RA" in a oval shape are from which country?


1. Anthony Charles Lynton Blair - better known as Tony Blair

2. 1983

3. Linguine

4. and 5. 2nd: The people's republic of China ($62.5 billion), 3rd: Russia ($61.9 billion) and 4th: The United Kingdom ($51 billion)


7. The House of the Rising Sun - Nina Simone

8. Their flags are nearly identical; a which diagonal cross on a blue background.

9. Rivers in Switzerland

10. The leg - it is about one-half the size of the tibial nerve

11. Dogs

12. Green

13. Rocks

14. It is folded/arranged like an accordion

15. Argentina


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