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1. An Orthodox Christian feast commemorating the sudden emanation of radiance from the person of Jesus that occurred on the mountain. 15 Letters and the second and tenth letters are both 'R'.

2. Which religious movement was founded by Guru Nanak Dev?

3. The Catholic version of the Bible contains Apocrypha, which is a collection of how many complete books?

4. These Christians call their worship "meetings". Many of the services consist largely of silence. Anyone may speak if he or she feels moved to do so.

5. Letters of the Greek alphabet used in the Christian Church to denote God's eternity and infinitude

6. In which religion can one find the god Brahma?

7. John Henry Hopkins Jr wrote the text to which famous Epiphany carol?

8. Who was the first prophet in Islam?

9. Boniface III was the first Christian Bishop of Rome to accept which title?

10. Which strict religionists form the background to Harrison Ford's movie "Witness"?


1. TRANSFIGURATION - celebrated on the 6th of August every year.

2. Sikhism

3. Seven

4. The Quakers

5. Omega and AlphaAlpha is the first letter of the Greek alphabet, omega is the last, and defining God by these letters signifies that, for believers, God is the beginning and the end of life and creation.

6. Hindu - Brahma is the Hindu God of creation

7. "We three kings of Orient are" The Rev. John H. Hopkins, an Episcopal priest, wrote the text of this hymn in 1857 for a Christmas pageant at the General Theological Seminary in New York City

8. AdamTo create Adam, God used clay from the Earth. When Adam was created, his first words were, ?Al-humdulillah,? or ?Praise to be Allah.? He was sent to the Garden of Eden; however, he was not content. God used one of Adam?s ribs to create Eve. Together they lived in peace and they were given one condition: not to eat the fruits of the forbidden tree. Iblis (Lucifer) heard this and he was still envious of Adam. That was because when Adam was created, Iblis refused to bow down before him, so Iblis was cast out of heaven. Iblis plotted and came up with a plan. He described death with grisly details to the peacock, who was living in the Garden of Eden, and Iblis told the peacock the only remedy was to eat the forbidden fruits. The peacock told the snake, who passed it on to Eve, who shared this piece of information with Adam. They decided to eat the fruit, and were cast out of heaven. He was the first prophet, and the first man.

9. Pope

10. The Amish people

Many thanks to Michael Turnbull for these questions and answers

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