Bruins Quiz 1

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Many thanks to "Bruin" for the following quiz questions and answers

1. A spat is the immature form of which sea creature?

2. Which building is at No. 1, Canada Square, London?

3. What dog breed takes its name from an area of eastern France famous for its perfumed white wines?

4. What is Ikebana in Japan?

5. What does the publisher Virago specialise in?

6. What do we call the spice known as Haldi in India?

7. Which general surrendered his Confederate army at the Appomattox and brought an end to the American Civil War?

8. What would be your profession if you had RIBA after your name?

9. In nature, what is a Camberwell Beauty?

10. Which animal performed the wedding in the Owl and the Pussycat?


1. The oyster

2. Canary Wharf

3. Alsatian (Alsace)

4. Flower arranging

5. Feminist literature

6. Turmeric

7. Robert E Lee

8. Architect

9. A butterfly

10. The turkey (who lived on the hill)


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