Automobile Quiz 1

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1. In which country did the world's first organised motor race occur?

2. How many Ford Model T cars were produced between 1908 and 1927 was it 7, 11 or 15 million?

3. What is the device that allows a cars driving wheels to turn at different speeds when cornering?

4. How did car manufacturer Charles Stewart Rolls die?

5. Who designed the Volkswagen Beetle?

6. Which company created the first front wheel drive car in 1934?

7. Which company won the le Mans 24-Hour Race 5 times from 1951 to 1958?

8. Who produced the worlds first petrol driven car in 1885?

9. Which company brought out the Rover group in 1994?

10. Which company took over Bugatti following Ettore Bugatti's death in 1947?

11. Which car company’s badge consists of a circle, divided into 4 quadrants of alternate blue and white?

12. Which famous car did Professor Caractacus Potts drive?

13. Who won his third and Final Formula 1 World Driver’s championship in a car of his own design?

14. Which Beatles album includes the song "Drive my Car"?

15. Who won an Oscar for her role in the 1989 film Driving Miss Daisy?

16. In which city did Henry Ford establish a car factory in 1899?

17. Which car maker received the first royal warrant as a supplier of motor cars to the Crown?

18. Until Henry Ford formed his own company in 1903, which great inventor-friend employed him?

19. In which 1985 film starred a delorean car?

20. What device produces the air/petrol mix used in internal combustion engines?


1. France

2. 15 Million

3. Differential

4. In a flying accident

5. Ferdinand Porsche

6. Citroen

7. Jaguar

8. Benz

9. BMW

10. Hispano Suiza

11. BMW

12. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

13. Jack Brabham

14. Rubber Soul

15. Jessica Tandy

16. Detroit

17. Daimler

18. Thomas Edison

19. Back to the Future

20. Carburettor


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