Dirty Rats Quiz 1

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1. In which childrens' story are Rat, Mole and Badger friends of Mr. Toad?

2. Black rats caused the bubonic plague, but how was the disease transmitted?

3. James Cagney never actually said "You dirty rat". There was another word between "dirty" and "rat". The word means "deceiving". What was it?

4. In which war was there an African campaign fought by the Desert Rats?

5. Which US Composer, Bandleader and musician recorded an album in 1969 called 'Hot Rats'?

6. Who had rat fans and a friend called Kevin the Gerbil?

7. What is the name of the rats that do damage to rice fields in India and Sri Lanka?

8. What sort of rat is also an ankle-biter?

9. Who qualifies for membership of the charity organisation, The Grand Order of Water Rats?  

10. True or false: the phrase: "Rats are the first to desert a sinking ship" originate in the days of wooden sailing vessels where rats lived in the holds of the ships and would be the first to know if a leak had developed.

11. True or false: In some cities, the sewer rat population outnumbers the people population.

12. True or false: Rats cannot swim even though they love to dwell in sewers


1. Wind in the Willows

2. From the fleas it carries

3. Double-Crossing

4. World War II

5. Frank Zappa

6. Roland Rat

7. Bandicoots

8. Rug Rat (slang for tiny dog)

9. Male Entertainers

10. True, ironically, their incessant gnawing in the wood often caused the leaks.

11. True again, for example in a small village in Australia, one farmer recorded 28,000 dead rats on his porch after one night's effort to poison them and 70,000 in a wheat field in one afternoon. Each year, rats cause more than one billion dollars in damage in the United States alone

12. False; Water doesn't stop rats. They can swim as far as 1/2 mile in open water, dive through water plumbing traps and travel in sewer lines, even against strong water currents.


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