Jim Matthews Quiz 2

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The following quiz questions were provided by Jim Matthews from the UK, thanks again Jim for your continuted support

1. Which two British rivers sound like consecutive letters of the alphabet?

2. If a builder builds 29 houses and numbers them from 1 to 29 - how many number 1's does he need?

3. Which TV puppet character once said "Never eat more than you can lift"?

4. If a husband was to caress his wife's "vomer" where would he have to insert his finger?

5. Who was the first person to get drunk in the Bible?

6. Who was the last British Prime Minister not to have a wife?

7. Who is the only Oscar to win an Oscar?

8. Who was David Beckham's best man when he married Victoria?

9. In the film "The Tommy Steele Story" who played Tommy Steele?

10. How many acres was the wood in Winnie the Pooh?


1. Exe, Wye

2. 13

3. Miss Piggy

4. Nose

5. Noah, Genesis 9 Verse 21

6. Margaret Thatcher

7. Oscar Hammerstein

8. Gary Neville

9. Tommy Steele

10. 100


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