Scottish Quiz 1

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The following questions are all related to the country of Scotland

1. What title is given to the Scottish equivalent of a mayor?

2. Which famous Scottish battle took place in 1314?

3. In which Scottish town was marriage by declaration abolished in 1940? 
    Alternative Question: Which Scottish town is famous as a venue for runaway marriages?

4. After being arrested in 1605, who said that he wanted to blow the Scots back into Scotland?

5. Which Scottish inventor give the first public demonstration of television?

6. Where would you find a chanter and a drone?

7. What is the name of the Pouch worn in front of a kilt?

8. Which Scottish phrase was the title of a number one song in 1958?

9. Which stick-and-ball game resembling hurling, is popular in the Scottish Highlands?

10. Which Scottish mathematician invented logarithms?

11. Of all the teams in the English and Scottish football leagues, which is unique in having a letter in its name which no other club has?

12. What is the Scottish equivalent of the Coroner?

13. Who is the most capped Scottish footballer of all time?

14. Lollius Urbicus was responsible for building a defensive wall to keep out Scottish tribes, what was it called?

15. What is Scotland’s longest river?

16. True or false: Scotland Yard was originally the name of a medieval house used by Scottish Kings visiting London?

17. Which body of water in Scotland contains more water than all the English and Welsh lakes put together?

18. Which Scot played for Torino in 1961-62?

19. What Scottish foodstuff did Robert Burns address as the Great Chieftain o’ the puddin’ race?

20. Who was the Scottish schoolteacher created by Muriel Spark?


1. Provost

2. Battle of Bannockburn

3. Gretna Green

4. Guy Fawkes

5. John Logie Baird

6. On bagpipes

7. a sporran

8. Hoots Mon (by Lord Rockingham's XI)

9. Shinty

10. John Napier

11. St Johnstone (j)

12. Procurator Fiscal

13. Kenny Dalglish

14. Antonine Wall

15. The Tay

16. True

17. Loch Lomond

18. Dennis Law

19. The haggis, not surprisingly

20. Miss Jean Brodie


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