Pauls Sea Quiz 1

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1. Once upon a time majestic tea clippers brought tea 'all the way from China'. The first to arrive at the London docks commanded the best prices. One such race in 1866 between clippers with memorable names like Taeping, Ariel, Fiery Cross, Thermopylae, Sir Lancelot and Cutty Sark attracted considerable public attention. All these ships left Foochow on the 30th or 31st of May for the 16,000 mile journey to London. The Taeping was the first to arrive. How many days did it take ?  
    a. 39  
    b. 99  
    c. 199  
    d. 299

2. In 1576, what was Martin Frobisher in search of ?

3. A naughty sail found on the mizzen mast. Seven letters, second letter is a "P"

4. Complete the following with the song title.  
    "Fare ye well and adieu to you, fair...."

5. What was the name given to corsairs and pirates operating from out of the north African coast ?

6. What are nereids and naiads ?

7. What was the name of Captain Cook's barque ?

8. What does the aphorism 'dead marine' mean ?  
    a. flotsam  
    b. absent without leave  
    c. empty wine bottle

9. Where were the first five Royal Navy dockyards ?

10. What is the force, named after a 19th century French mathematician, which affects the prevailing winds and the rotation of storms and whirlpools ?


1. b. 99 days       The record was 97 days set by the yankee clipper 'Oriental'.

2. North West Passage

3. Spanker

4.  Spanish ladies

5. Barbary

6. Mermaid-like creatures

7. H.M.S. Endeavour

8. c. empty wine bottle

9. Depford, Woolwich, Chatham, Portsmouth and Plymouth.

10. Coriolis


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