Pauls Sea Quiz 2

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1. Timber selected from how many full grown oak trees were needed to build a large, three decker, Royal Navy battle ship in the 18th century ?   
    a. 50  
    b. 500  
    c. 1,500  
    d. 3,500

2. Which three seas did the Yellow Submarine pass through ?

3. The Santa Maria, Pinta and Nina, the three ships in Colombus's squadron were all what type of vessel ?  7 letters

4. Who wrote the following tales ?  
    a. Billy Bud  
    b. Captains Courageous  
    c. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

5. Around what was the very first 'Hundred Guinea Cup' (later Americas Cup) held in 1851 ?

6. Name the captain of the following ships.  
    a. Caine  
    b. African Queen  
    c. Pequod  
    d. H.M.S. Hotspur    
    For a keep your head above water point, In which film would you find the yacht Catherine ?

7. In ancient times, on which rose would you find Tramontana, Greco, Levante, Sirrocco, Mezzodi, Garbino, Pontente and Maestro ?

8. Which seditious six letter word is synonymous with the Royal Navy's channel fleet at Spithead in 1797 and the German navy's high seas fleet in October 1918 ?

9. According to supersticious mariners, which 'fleety' bird and hit song embodied the souls of dead sailors ?

10. Which controversial islands are, depending on the tongue in which they are spoken, named after adventurous French sailors from St. Malo ?


1. d. 3,500 !!

2. Sea of Green, Sea of Holes and Sea of Time.

3. Caravel

4. Three Answers
    a. Herman Melville  
    b. Rudyard Kipling  
    c. Samuel Taylor Coleridge

5. Isle of Wight

6. Four Answers:
    a. Queeg  
    b. Allnut  
    c. Ahab  
    d. Hornblower   
    Extra point:  Message in a bottle

7. A wind rose. Seen on old navigational charts, a wind rose was used once upon a time by mariners before the magnetic compass. On this compass were 8 pts named after the prevailing winds in the Med.    Also known as a compass rose.

8. Mutiny

9. Albatross

10. Malvinas  The Falklands to some.


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