Pauls Mothers Day Quiz 1

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1. Complete this line from Shakespeares Henry VI  
    "Seal up your lips, and give no words but _____"

2. Which band released rock musics first double LP ?

3. Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu was better known as...... ?

4. In a popular spiritual song, what kind of person would feel "a long ways from home" ?

5. "Mothers ruin" is the nickname for what ?  

6. What is the mother of invention ?

7. A difficult to find vein.  Two words    

8.  In which Beatles songs are the following mothers mentioned ?   
    a. Saxon mothers son   
    b. My mother was of the sky   
    c. a hit before your mother was born   
    d. Mother Superior jumped the gun   
    e. make your mother sigh

9.  Complete these words from Virgil:  "I cannot bear a mothers' ......"   One word, five letters

10. Complete the following with a large, famous mother.   "Wretched and abundant, oppressed and powerful, weak and mighty, ...... ...... "

11. What kind of men once called falling snow 'Mother Careys chickens' ?

12. The drug meprobamate was better known as what in the 1960's ?  Clue, a song title.( If you are really stuck, a Stones song.)

13. In which film is there a computer called 'Mother' ?


1. Mum

2. Mothers of Invention   The album was Freak Out

3. Mother Teresa

4. A motherless child

5. Gin

6. Necessity  (Mater artium necessitas)

7. Mother Lode

8. Five Answers
    a. The continuing story of Bungalow Bill  
    b. Yer Blues  
    c. Your Mother should know   
    d. Happiness is a warm gun  
    e. Cry Baby Cry

9. Tears   (from Aeneid, IX, l, 289.)

10. Mother Russia (Nikolai Nekrasov  1821-1877  from 'Who is happy in Russia'.)

11. Sailors  

12. Mothers Little Helper

13. Alien


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