Pauls Multiple Choice Quiz 1

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1. Due to superstition, what didn't Bjorn Borg do at Wimbledon?  
    a. shave  
    b. wash  
    c. change his socks  
    d. brush his teeth

2. Countries from which continent boycotted the 1976 summer Olympics in Montreal?  
    a. Europe  
    b. Africa  
    c. Asia  
    d. South America

3. What is the old name for Sri Lanka?  
    a. Spice Islands  
    b. Mandalay  
    c. Ceylon  
    d. East Pakistan

4. Karol Wojtyla is better known under which name?  
    a. Pope John Paul II  
    b. Liberace  
    c. Carole King  
    d. Santa

5. What was he name of the infamous nuclear reactor in Harrisburg Penn.? 
    a. 1 mile island  
    b. 3 mile island  
    c. 9 mile creek  
    d. 16 mile creek

6. Anna Pavlowa excelled in which of the following?  
    a. ballet  
    b. chess  
    c. painting  
    d. tennis

7. Which three letters replaced CQD?  
    a. SOS  
    b. KGB  
    c. TNT  
    d. FYI

8. The crown of which New York City landmark was originally built as an airship dock?  
    a. Chrysler Building  
    b. Empire State Building  
    c. Statue of Liberty  
    d. Trump Tower

9. The Agony and the Ecstasy was a book and film about which man?  
    a. Churchill  
    b. Jesus  
    c. Michaelangelo  
    d. Marquis de Sade

10. What was the number of the last Apollo mission?  
    a. 13  
    b. 14  
    c. 17  
    d. 22


1. a. shave

2.  b. Africa

3. c. Ceylon

4. a. Pope John Paul II

5. b. 3 mile island

6. a. ballet

7. a. SOS

8. b. Empire State Building

9. c. Michaelangelo

10. c. 17


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