Pauls Foot Quiz 1

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1. Which word (used by the early French-Canadian voyagers) means to carry a canoe, on foot, over land?

2. Tinea pedis is better known as what?

3. What was unusual about Joseph Stalin's feet?

4. In which book does Anne Wilkes cut off Paul Sheldon's foot ?

5. Who released the 1977 LP 'Footlose and Fancy Free'?

6. Plus or minus one, how many bones are there in one human foot?

7. The surrealist poet Leon-Paul Farque honoured which popular French product with the titel 'Les pides de Dieu' (The feet of God)?

8. What is the North American Indian name for bigfoot?

9. 'I listen to your footsteps coming up the drive' are the first words to which song?

10. The name for which area of South America may stem from the Spanish for 'big feet'?


1. Portage

2. Athlete's foot

3. They were webbed

4. Misery

5. Rod Stewart

6. 26

7. Camembert (I'll accept cheese)

8. Sasquatch

9. Don't pass me by (The Beatles)

10. Patagonia


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