Pauls Flag Quiz 1

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1. Ironically, which symbol found on a now defunct flag means translated, 'conducive to well being' ?  Eight letters

2. What is the only country in the world with a flag consisting of just one colour ?   (Clue, if needed: green)

3. On which countrys flag would one find 'Allahu akbar' written eleven times ?

4. What kind of tree graces the flag of Lebanon ?

5. Which flag is three feet?

6. Which animal would one find on each of the following countries flags ?   
    a. Bhutan  
    b. Dominica  
    c. Mexico  
    d. Peru  
    e. Sri Lanka

7. On which African country's flag would one find a Kalaschnikow assualt rifle ?

8. Coat of arms excluded, name the five 'UEFA countries' with blue and white flags.

9. Which country's flag, the oldest existing flag in the world, apparently fell out of the heavens during a battle on 15th June, 1219 ?

10. The following is a description of a famous movie scene. Name the film.    
    Our hero picks up a flag off the street that has just fallen off the back of a lorry.  As he waves it at the vanishing lorry, a group of angry protesters falls in behind him and the police mistake him for their leader. Although totally innocent our hero is arrested.


1. Swastika     Sanskrit  sa(well) + asti(being)

2. Libya

3. Iran

4. cedar

5. Isle of Man

6. Five Answers
    a. dragon  
    b. parrot  
    c. eagle (devouring a serpent)
    d. vikuoja (lama)  
    e. lion

7. Mozambique

8. Five Answers
    Israel and 
    San Marino

9. Denmark   The Daneborg.

10. Modern Times.   Although it was filmed in black and white one can assume Charlie Chaplin is waving the red flag


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