Pauls Cryptic Quiz 1

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Name the song title with the aid of the given clues.

This quiz should be used as a handout sheet to be mulled over during the course of the quiz evening. In the event another song title lends itself to the clue given the quiz master should use his or her discretion.  

1. Frank Sinatra's ferel role in Vegas. ( 4 words, last letter k )

2. Public transport for Harry Potter??   (2 words, last letter s)

3. 910  (4 words, no last letter)

4. Never gets  (7 words, last letter t )

5. In debt, you can say that again !!  (4 letters, last letter o)

6. King's famous words  (4 words, last letter m)

7. House pet inquiry  (3 words, last letter t)

8. The loud repetion of James Bond's nickname in Italy  (2 words, last letter g)

9. Selene's umbra  (1 word, last letter w)

10. When and Where most football fans meet  (4 words, last letter k)


1. Leader of the pack  (Shangri las) As in Rat Pack.

2. Magic Bus (The Who)

3. The one after 909  (Beatles)

4. Gimme Gimme Gimme(a man after midnight)   (ABBA)

5. I.O.I.O.   (Bee Gees)

6. I have a dream  (ABBA)

7. What's new pussycat ?  (Tom Jones)

8. Bang Bang (Nancy Sinatra)  As in Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang

9. Moonshadow  (Cat Stevens)

10. Saturday in the park  (Chicago)


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