Pauls Nose Quiz 1

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1. What is the name of the system in a human nose that detects odors ?

2. What is an Elephant Nose ?

3. Thomas Wedder was an English circus freak in the 1700's. It was claimed he had the longest nose in history !!   + or - one inch, how long was it ?

4. What has one or two 'fingers' at the end of its nose ?

5. What does an organoleptic analyst do ?

6. "Iron Duke" excluded, what was the Duke of Wellington's nickname ?

7. Who won the 1989 Tour de France by a nose, namely 8 sec. in front of 2nd place Laurent Fignon, the closest finish in tour history ?

8. What are natives of Halifax Nova Scotia called ?

9. What is the medical name for a nose job ?

10. Which pine nut had a famous nose ?


1. Olfactory

2. A fish.  It is a type of mormyrid, a fish that can produce a mild electric field around itself.

3. Seven and one half inches  !!!

4. an elephant. An Asian elephant has one finger, the African two fingers.

5. food sniffer. Usually works for a gov. agency.

6. Nosey

7. Greg Lemond

8. Blue Nosers

9. Rhinoplasty

10. Pinocchio.  Pinocchio means 'pine nut'.


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