Pauls Eye Quiz 1

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1. Who addressed the Allied Expeditionary Force on D Day with the words "The eyes of the world are upon you" ?

2. Natty Bumppo had several nicknames, one was Leather Stocking. What was his eye catching nickname ?

3. With 27 cm, the largest eye in the animal kingdom belongs to an invertebrate. Which animal is it ?

4. What colour is her hair in the song Bette Davis Eyes ?

5. What is a surgeon who performs eye surgery called ?

6. In which surrealist 1928 film from Luis Bunuel and Salvador Dali is there the difficult to watch scene in which a womans eyeball is slit with a razor ?

7. How many eyes does a bee have ?

8.  Due to a paralyzed pupil, which singer has a blue left eye and a right eye that can appear brown or green depending on the ambient light ?

9. Billions of eyes around the world watched which football superstar muff the deciding penalty in the 1994 football world cup final ?

10. Several Beatles songs have some queer references to eyes. Here are a few, name the song.  
    a. the eagle picks my eye  
    b. he got joo joo eyeball  
    c. yellow matter custard dripping from a dead dogs eye  
    d. lying with his eyes while his hands are busy working overtime


1. General Dwight Eisenhower

2. Hawkeye

3. Squid. (the Colossal squid, also known as the Antarctic or Giant Cranch squid)

4. Harlowe gold

5. Ophthalmologist or opthalmic surgeon

6. An Andalusian Dog (Un Chien Andalon)

7. Five

8. David Bowie

9. Roberto Baggio  ( Il Divin Codino, the divine pony tail)

10. Four Answers:
    a. Yer Blues  
    b. Come Together  
    c. I am the Walrus  
    d. Happiness is a warm gun


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