Pauls Hand Quiz 1

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1. Hannibal Lector had a sixth finger on his left hand. What is the medical name for this ?

2. What was the name of the hand in The Addams Family ?

3. The name of a secret Serbian society which may have played a role in the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand and the name of the Green Lantern's nemisis.

4. Who was recognized as the first and last heavyweight  champion of bare knuckle boxing in the late 19th century ?  (the first to be presented with the championship belt)

5. Once upon a time, what was a handfasting marriage ?

6. In which songs would one find the following lines ?  
    a. hands across the water heads across the sea  
    b. when my fist clenches crack it open before I use it and lose my cool  
    c. cause every hand's a winner and every hand's a loser

7. Complete this expression meaning to be very intimate.  "to be finger and ....."

8. In which film does King Aella cut off the hand of Erik because he gave Ragnar a sword so he could die like a warrior and enter Valhalla ?  (extra points for the actor who played Erik)

9. The ring on Ringo's hand in the film Help was to be part of an offering to which sacrificial goddess ?

10. The following are the first words to which popular Ziegfeld Follies song from 1921 ?  "Father has a business  Strictly second hand  Everything from toothpicks to a baby grand "


1. Polydactyly, hyperdactyly, sexdactyly or hexadactyly. Or ism at the end is acceptable.

2. Thing

3. Black Hand

4. John L. Sullivan

5. A trial marraige, much like common law. A couple lived together for 12 months and if they liked it they could make it official.

6. Three Answers:
    a. Uncle Albert Admiral Halsey (Paul McCartney)  
    b. Behind Blue Eyes (The Who)  
    c. The Gambler (Kenny Rogers)

7. Glove

8. The Vikings   
    (extra points: Tony Curtis)

9. Kaili !!

10. Second Hand Rose


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