Pauls Moon Quiz 2

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1. What does the word moon mean ?  (this applies to many oiher languages, not just English)

2. The drummer Animal in the Muppet Show was a parody of Keith Moon. In which band did Animal eat and beat drums ?

3. In which moon songs would one find the following words ? 
    a. Let me see what spring is like on Jupiter and Mars 
    b. There's a full moon risin lets go dancin in the light 
    c. And all the soft moonlight seems to shine in your blush 
    d. Star was light in a silvery night far away on the other side 
    e. I see earthquakes and lightning I see bad times today

4. Frank Borman, James Lovell and William Anders were the first humans to see what over the Christmas Holidays 1968 ?

5. What were the Beatles called in 1959 ?

6. Which large island country is called Island of the Moon by its natives ?

7. In the cult tv series Space 1999, what was the dark side of the moon used for ?

8. Which Apollo 11 astronaut didnt step on the moon ?

9. A lunar phase. Seven letters, second letter "I".

10. What was the number of the last Apollo moon mission ? 


1. measurer (of time)

2. The Electric Mayhem

3. Five Answers:
    a. Fly me to the moon 
    b. Harvest moon 
    c. Moondance 
    d. Moonlight shadow 
    e. Bad moon rising

4. The dark side of the moon. (Apollo 8)

5. Johnny and The Moondogs

6. Madagascar

7. nuclear waste dump

8. Michael Collins

9. gibbous

10. 17 


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