Pauls Police Quiz 2

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1. What was the name of the secret police in 
    a. East Germany and 
    b. the fictional Oceania

2. What is the name of the barefoot, one man army cop in Die Hard ?

3. What kind of cop is a provost ?

4. In which US tv series would you find the following cops ? 
    a. Vic Mackey 
    b. Oliva Benson 
    c. Andy Sipowicz 
    d. Rico Tubbs 
    e. Mike Belker 
    f. Clancy Wiggum 
    g. Brenda Leigh Johnson 
    h. Tom Hanson Jr. 
    i. Leanne Pepper Anderson 
    j. Steve McGarrett 
    k. Lennie Briscol

5. What is the title given to a 'police chief' like officer on board a Royal Navy or US navy ship ?

6. What was officer Mad Max's last name ?

7. In which songs would you find the following lines about policemen ? 
    a. Bobbies on bicycles two by two 
    b. a cop knelt and kissed the feet of a priest 
    c. Mr. City Policemen sitting pretty little policemen in a row 
    d. take a look at the lawman beating up the wrong guy

8. In which city is the INTERPOL headquarters ?

9. Which real life inspector has been played in film by both Michael Caine and Johnny Depp ?

10. Which actor won an Oscar for playing the role of an Irish American beat cop named Jim Malone ? 


1. Two Answers:
    a. STASI 
    b. Thought Police (or thinkpol in Newspeak)   In Orwell's 1984.

2. John McClane

3. MP , Military Polceman

4. Eleven Answers:
    a. The Shield 
    b. Law and Order 
    c. NYPD Blue 
    d. Miami Vice 
    e. Hill Street Blues 
    f. The Simpsons 
    g. The Closer 
    h. 21 Jump Street 
    i. Police Woman 
    j. Hawaii Five-O 
    k. Law and Order

5. Master at Arms

6. Rockatansky

7. Four Answers
    a. England Swings (Roger Miller) 
    b. Five Years (Bowie) 
    c. I am the Walrus (Beatles) 
    d. Life on Mars (Bowie)

8. Lyon

9. Insp. Aberline

10. Sean Connery in The Untouchables  (best supporting actor)


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