Pauls Shoe Quiz 1

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Shoe - clearly!1. In the film The Wizard Of Oz, what exactly did Dorothy have to do in order to get back to Kansas?

2. The word for wooden clog shoes in Holland is also the sound they often make, hence, an onomatopoeia. What are these shoes called in Holland? 

3. How many pairs of shoes did Imelda Marcos possess in her Philippine palace? 
   a. 560
   b. 1060
   c. 10,060

4. Although 'Blue Seude Shoes' helped Elvis along the road to further fame, which man was responsible for writing the hit song?

5. Which character in the film 'From Russia with Love' wore the shoes with the poison tipped dart, and,   from which creature did the poison come from?

6. What are Eskimo boots called?

7. Complete the following with the songs title. "Before you abuse, criticize and accuse, then.........."

8.Which 'pearl' was the first man to win the European Golden Boot in 1967, an award given to the goal getter with the most goals in top flight European football?

9. Who might be given the nickname Shughie (like Shoey) in Scotland? 

10. Who first released the following 'shoe' songs?  (One point for each correct answer)
    a. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes
    b. Old Brown Shoe
    c. Goody Two Shoes
    d. These boots are made for walkin
    e. Red shoes by the drugstore
    f. Angels want to wear my red shoes
    g. Eleanor put your boots on
    h. Little red shoes
    i. Sand in my shoes
    j. Betty Lou got a new pair of shoes
    k. Tango shoes
    l. Walking in my shoes
    m. Boogie shoes
    n. Boots of Spanish leather
    o. Who's gonna shoe your pretty little feet


1. Click the heels of her red shoes three times and repeat "There's no place like home".

2. Klompen

3. b. 1060

4. Carl Perkins

5. Rosa Klebb. Fugu fish.

6. Mucluks

7. "Walk a mile in my shoes"

8. Eusebio  (The Black Pearl or The Black Panther)

9. Anyone named Hugh

10. Fifteen Answers:
    a. Paul Simon 
    b. Beatles
    c. Adam Ant
    d. Nancy Sinatra
    e. Tom Waits
    f. Elvis Costello
    g. Franz Ferdinand
    h. Loretta Lynn
    i. Dido
    j. Bobby Freeman
    k. Bif Naked
    l. Depeche Mode
    m. KC and the Sunshine Band
    n. Bob Dylan
    o. Woody Guthrie


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