Pauls Kids Quiz 1

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"I'm being haive"  -- anomalous kid 

1. The following bad kids are found in which films?  
    a. Damien Thorpe
    b. Sid  (vicious at heart, not in name)
    c. Jack (from Hants)

2. An often repeated riff in Kid Rock's song 'All summer long' is identical to those from which 'monster' hit ?

3. What were the names of Darren and Samatha's two 'kids' in the tv series Bewitched? 

4. Legend has it Captain William Kidd's treasure is buried on which Nova Scotia island?

5. According to the American Film Institute, what is the fifth most memorable line in cinema history? 

6. The following are the first words to which songs?  
    a. I don't mind other guys dancing with my girl  
    b. There's talk on the street

7. One of the first child stars and multi millionares in Hollywood history played the kid in Charlie Chaplin's 1921 film 'The Kid'.  What was his name?  Extra point for the comic- creepy role he was later most famous for.

8. How many 'kids' were there in each of the following tv series?  
    a. The Waltons 
    b. The Brady Bunch
    c. The Partridge Family

9. Who played the role of Billy the Kid in the following films?  
    a. Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid 
    b. Young Guns.

10. New Kids on the Block member Danny broke his ankle at a concert in Manchester after tripping over what?


1. Three Answers
    a. The Omen   
    b. Toy Story  
    c. Lord of the flies

2. Werewolves of London (Warren Zevon)

3. Adam and Tabatha

4. Oak Island

5. "Here's looking at you kid"

6. Two Answers:
    a. The kids are alright (The Who)
    b. New kid in town (The Eagles)

7. Jackie Coogan.  Extra point: Uncle Fester in 'The Addams Family'

8. Three Answers
    a. Seven  (John Boy, Mary Ellen, Jason, Ben, Erin, Jim Bob and Elizabeth)
    b. Six (Greg, Peter, Bobby, Marcia, Jan and Cindy)
    c. Five (Keith, Laurie, Danny, Christopher and Tracy)

9. Two Answers:
    a. Kris Kristofferson
    b. Emilio Estevez

10. A stuffed toy thrown on the stage by a fan.


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