Pauls Island Quiz 2

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Island Quiz1.Which two island nations were involved in the 'Cod War'? 

2. Which child or 'Anak' in the Sunda Strait grows at an average rate of 5 in(13 cm) a week?

3. Who wrote the following books? 
    a. The Island of Dr Moreau
    b. Treasure Island
    c. Islands in the stream
    d. The Island Race
    e. Lord of the Flies

4. Name the film with each of the following actors which takes place entirely or in part on an island.
    a. Jack Black and Adrien Brody
    b. Kurt Russell and Wilford Brimley
    c. Spencer Tracy and Frank Sinatra
    d. Steve McQueen and Dustin Hoffman
    e. Burt Lancaster and Michael York
    f. Samuel L Jackson and Jeff Goldblum
    g. Jeff Bridges and Jessica Lange
    h. Doug McClure and John McEnery
    i. John Mills and James MacArthur

5. What name did Capt James Cook give the Hawaiian Islands?

6. What is the name of the forboding island in King Kong?

7. Name the TV series with each of the following actors which takes place entirely or in part on an island?
    a. Matthew Fox and Terry O'Quinn
    b. James MacArthur and Zulu
    c. Patrick McGoohan and Leo Mckern
    d. Roger E Mosley and Larry Manetti
    e. Tina Louise and Russell Johnson
    f. Ricardo Montalban and Herve Villechaize

8. One of the largest ever RAF raids took place shortly after WW II. Which German island was flattened?

9. What are the three largest islands in the world beginning with the letter 'N'?

10. The book Robinson Crusoe is probably based on the trials and adventures of which Scotsman?


1. UK and Iceland.

2. Anak Krakatoa. ('Child of Krakatoa', or the new island being formed by the volcano)

3. Five answers
    a. H G Wells
    b. Robert Louis Stevenson
    c. Ernest Hemingway
    d. Winston Churchill
    e. William Golding

4. Nine answers 
    a. King Kong
    b. The Thing
    c. The Devil at Four O'clock
    d. Pappillon
    e. The Island of Dr Moreau
    f. Jurassic Park
    g. King Kong
    h. The Land That Time Forgot
    i. Swiss Family Robinson

5. Sandwich Islands

6. Skull Island

7. Six answers
    a. Lost
    b. Hawaii Five 0
    c. The Prisoner
    d. Magnum P I
    e. Gilligan's Island
    f. Fantasy Island

8. Helgoland

9. New Guinea, North Island(NZ) and Newfoundland

10. Alexander Selkirk


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