Famous People Quiz 6

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1. Which Anglo Saxon rebel was nicknamed The Wake?

2. Who introduced printing to Europe in the 15th Century?

3. By what name was Agnes Bejaxhu better known?

4. Which scientist was noted for his study of conditioned reflexes in dogs?

5. Who was President of North Vietnam from 1954 ? 1969?

6. Who invented vulcanised rubber?

7. Which car manufacturer founded the motor works at Cowley in Oxford?

8. Who founded a settlement at Singapore, as a station for the East India?

9. How did the Englishman Nicholas Breakspear achieve fame in 1154?

10. Who was the leader of the Labour Party, immediately before Tony Blair?  

11. Who is Richard Starkey?

12. Who was John Henry Deutschendorf Jr. better known as?

13. Who directed Psycho?

14. Who was the first President of the USA?

15. Who was Ehrich Weiss?

16. Who was swallowed by a whale?

17. Who lost the battle of the Little Bighorn?

18. Who seduced Samson?

19. Who wrote & originally recorded "Blinded by the Light"?

20. Who killed Goliath?

21. Who was elected president of Ireland in 1997?

22. Who was Frank Sinatra's second wife?

23. Who was Gregor Efimovich better known as?

24. Who was Henry VIII married to when he died?

25. Born in 1889, which famous Horror actor died at the age of 73 in 1956?

26. By what name is Rebecca Rolfe better known?

27. Elizabeth Taylor and Debbie Reynolds both married which man?

28. How sadly did Christa McAuliffe make history in January 1986?

29. Who became known as "Hanoi Jane" because of her anti-Vietnam war activities?


1. Hereward

2. Johann Gutenberg

3. Mother Theresa

4. Ivan Pavlov

5. Ho Chih Minh

6. Charles Goodyear

7. William Morris / Lord Nuffield

8. Sir Stamford Raffles

9. He Became Pope Adrian Iv

10. John Smith

11. Ringo Starr

12. John Denver

13. Alfred Hitchcock

14. George Washington

15. Harry Houdini

16. Jonah

17. General George Custer

18. Delilah

19. Bruce Springsteen

20. David

21. Mary Mcaleese

22. Ava Gardner

23. Rasputin

24. Catherine Parr

25. Bela Lugosi

26. Pocahontas

27. Eddie Fisher

28. She Was The Female Crew Member On The Challenger Shuttle.

29. Jane Fonda


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