George Quiz 1

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1. St. George was a Cappadocian soldier. Where is or was the district of Cappadocia. Is it 
    a) Italy, 
    b) Turkey or 
    c) Austria

2. Which classification of people are entitled to be awarded a George Cross?

3. Which George was the first president of the United States of America?

4. Which musical instrument was George Formby famous for playing?

5. Five Kings from the House of Hanover have reigned in Britain. Four were named George. What was the other one called?

6. When George Foreman retired from boxing, what did he become?

7. Which classic US folk opera did George and Ira Gershwin write in 1935?

8. What did David Lloyd George introduce in his budget of 1908. Was it 
    a) old age pensions, 
    b) unemployment benefit or 
    c) child allowances

9. On which site in Montana did the Sioux Indians in what has been called ?Custer?s Last Stand? defeat General George Custer?

10. Which popular racehorse won the King George VI Chase four times during the 1980s?  


1. b) Turkey

2. Civilians

3. George Washington

4. Ukulele

5. William (IVth)

6. Priest

7. Porgy and Bess

8. a) Old age pensions

9. Little Bighorn

10. Desert Orchid


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