Famous People Quiz 5

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1. Who was the first Englishman to win a Nobel Prize for literature?

2. In US folklore who were Parker & Barrow?

3. Who is the Queen's nephew?

4. In which city was Florence Nightingale born?

5. Whose death mask including warts can be seen at Warwick castle?

6. What was Ghandi?s profession before entering politics?

7. Whom in September 1927, did a scarf entangled in a sports car strangle?

8. Who is the son of Prince Andrew of Greece?

9. Who was saved from extradition from Brazil by a girlfriend?s pregnancy?

10. Which TV interviewer is married to the daughter of the duke of Norfolk?

11. Richard Beeching is best remembered for what?

12. Name the faith healer Glenn Hoddle took to France for the 1998 World Cup.

13. Which world leader has twin daughters called Barbara and Jenna?

14. Who is president of Zimbabwe?

15. Against which newspaper did Lord Archer bring his 1980s lawsuit which saw him back in the dock in 2001?

16. Nicolae Ceaucescu led which country until 1989?

17. Which Welsh Secretary had what he called 'a moment of madness' on Clapham Common?

18. Who went to number one last Sunday with "If Tomorrow Never Comes"?

19. Jane Couch became the first British woman to be given a licence to do what?

20. Who was the first Earl Of Stockton?


1. Rudyard Kipling

2. Bonnie & Clyde

3. Viscount Lindley

4. Florence

5. Oliver Cromwell

6. Lawyer

7. Isadora Duncan

8. Prince Phillip

9. Ronnie Biggs

10. David Frost

11. Closure of Railways

12. Eileen Drury

13. George W Bush

14. Robert Mugabe

15. Daily Star

16. Romania

17. Ron Davies

18. Ronan Keating

19. Box

20. Harold MacMillan


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