Adversaries and Enemies Quiz 1

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1. Who is He Man's archenemy?

2. Who was David Vincent travelling around America trying to uncover?

3. Inspector Nayland Smith was always trying to catch which criminal?

4. Who did the men from Uncle always thwart?

5. The Green Goblin, Morbius and Carnage were enemies of who?

6. Who was Doctor Van Helsing always trying to kill?

7. Reporter Jack McGee was after who?

8. Cardinal Richleau was whose enemy?

9. What/who raced against a Thorndyke special?

10. Inspector Abaline of the Yard spent his life looking for which killer?


1. Skeletor

2. The Invaders

3. Fu Man Chu

4. Thrush

5. Spiderman

6. Dracula

7. Incredible Hulk/David Banner

8. 3 Musketeers

9. Herbie

10. Jack the Ripper


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