Sisters Quiz 1

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1. Which group is made up of sisters, Debbie, Kathie, Kim and Joni?

2. What was the name of the drum machine used by The Sisters of Mercy?

3. What was Shakespear?s Sister?s 1992 number 1?

4. And which group wrote the song ?Shakespeare?s Sister? from which the group took their name?

5. Which group includes sisters Ann and Nancy Wilson?

6. Who is the famous sister of singer Crystal Gale?

7. Who were the two half sisters in the original line up of the Throwing Muses?

8. What was the first top 10 hit for Kylie Minogues sister Dannii?

9. Who was the lead singer with the heavy metal group Twisted Sister?

10. The host of the one time channel 4 show Big World Caf? went onto to have musical success who is he and who is his equally famous pop star sister?  


1. Sister Sledge

2. Doktor Avalanche

3. Stay

4. The Smiths

5. Heart

6. Loretta Lynn

7. Kristen Hersh and Tanya Donelley

8. Love and Kisses

9. Dee Snider

10. Nenah Cherry and Eagle Eye Cherry


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