Robin Hood Quiz 1

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The following quiz round was requested by Naomi Van Dijk from the UK.

1. What title was Robin Hood given back after he defeated King John?

2. Who played Robin Hood in the first British TV series

3. What name was given to the attire worn by Robin Hood & his Merry Men?

4. Which film starring Frank Sinatra, did the song My Kinda Town come?

5. True or false: the University of Nottingham offers a Masters degree on the subject of Robin Hood

6. In popular culture Robin Hood and his band's tales are usually associated with the area Sherwood Forest and Nottinghamshire, though most historians point towards him being a man from which English county?

7. Which Irish band provided the music for Robin of Sherwood?

8. Plus or minus five years, when was the first Robin Hood film released?

9. For each of the following actors from the 1993 movie parody, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, give the name of the character that they portrayed:
    a: Richard Lewis
    b: Cary Elwes
    c: Roger Rees
    d: Patrick Stewart

10. Robin Hood is said to have lived in Sherwood Forrest during the reign of which king?
Alternative Question: Which king received the support of Robin Hood?

11. In the 1993 parody film, Robin Hood: Men in Tights, What is so strange about Prince John's face?

12. In the 1973 Disney animated film:
    a: what is Little John's nickname for the Sheriff of Nottingham? 
    b: there are a total of four children in the film, three of them are rabbits, what is the other animal?

13. The theme tune to the 1993 movie "Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves" spent a record number of 16 weeks at the top of the UK Top 40 singles chart and 7 weeks at the top of the US Bilboard charts. Who recorded the song?


1. Earl of Huntingdon

2. Richard Greene

3. Lincoln Green

4. Robin and the Seven Hoods.

5. True, amazingly

6. Yorkshire

7. Clannad

8. 1908. It was a silent film directed by Percy Stow

9. Four Answers:
    a: Prince John
    b: Robin Hood (Robin Of Loxley)
    c: Sheriff of Rottingham
    d: King Richard

10. Richard I

11. His mole on his face is in a different place each time you see him

12. Two Answers
    a: Old Bushell Britches
    b: Tortoise

13. Bryan Adams


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