Peter, Paul and Mary Quiz 1

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1. The opening line of which novel is ?All children Grow up, except one??

2. Who was the actress mother of Larry Hagman?

3. What was the name of the referee famously shoved by Paulo Di Canio?

4. Who founded the National Viewers and Listeners Association in 1965?

5. In Jan 2001, who became pop?s first billionaire?

6. In 1990 who became the Irish Republic?s first female president?

7. Which TV programme celebrates its 50th birthday in September 2008?

8. Who won the most Wimbledon men?s singles titles during the 20th century?

9. In the film Ordinary People, who played the wife of Donald Sutherland?

10. Who sang the first line in the original ?Feed the World? song by Band Aid?  


1. Peter Pan

2. Mary Martin

3. Paul Alcock

4. Mary Whitehouse

5. Paul McCartney

6. Mary Robinson

7. Blue Peter

8. Pete Sampras

9. Mary Tyler Moore

10. Paul Young


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