Famous People Quiz 7

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1. David Ben Gurion became prime minister of which country in 1948?

2. Which film director once said of Brigitte Bardot, ?If she didn?t exist, we?d have to invent her??

3. In 1950 who made the allegation that 205 State Department officials were ?card carrying communists??

4. Which US pop artist created 100 Campbells Soup Cans?

5. Who killed John Lennon?

6. In 1961 which famous dancer sought political asylum in Paris?

7. Who founded the state of Taiwan in 1949?

8. Who was known as ?The Sultan of Swat??

9. Who wrote The Common Sense Book of Child Care?

10. Whose compositions included ?The Firebird? and ?Petrushka??  

11. How is Harold Philby better known?

12. Who was the first women Cabinet Minister in Britain?

13. Who composed the Symphony No.9 from the New World?

14. Which member of Captain Scotts Antarctic expedition walked out into the blizzard in the hope that his companions would be better able to reach safety without him?

15. Who instigated the first translation into English of the Bible?

16. Who was Queen Victoria?s personal attendant at Balmoral for 34 years?

17. Which Quaker family founded a chocolate factory in York?

18. Who became the first President of Chile in 1817?

19. Against which disease did Jonas Salk develop a vaccine?

20. Who patented the electric lightbulb in 1879?


1. Israel

2. Frederico Fellini

3. Joe McCarthy

4. Andy Warhol

5. Mark Chapman

6. Rudolph Nuryev

7. Chiang Kai-Shek

8. Babe Ruth

9. Dr Spock

10. Igor Stravinsky

11. Kim Philby

12. Margaret Bondfield

13. Anton Dvorak

14. Captain Oates

15. John Wycliffe

16. John Brown

17. Rowntree

18. Bernardo O?Higgins

19. Poliomyletis (Polio)

20. Thomas Edison


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