World Leaders Quiz 2

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1. Who was Richard Nixon's first vice president?

2. Who ousted Milton Obotee from power in Uganda in the 1970s?

3. Which emperor ruled Japan for 60 years during the 20th century?

4. What was the first name of Mrs Gorbachev?

5. Who succeeded President Nasser in Egypt?

6. Bill Clinton was once governor of which US state?

7. Who was the first woman Prime Minister in the world?

8. In which decade did Juan Carlos become King of Spain?

9. Robert Mugabe was Prime Minister & President of which country?

10. Who became Ireland first woman president?  


1. Spiro Agnew

2. Idi Amin

3. Hirohito

4. Raisia

5. Anwar Sadat

6. Arkansas

7. Sirimavo Bandasanike

8. 1970s

9. Zimbabwe

10. Mary Robinson


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