Tom, Dick and Harry Quiz 1

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1. What was the name of the detective that appeared in films such as Magnum Force?

2. Which former jockey wrote the novel Dead Cert?

3. Who was the famous manager of Elvis Presley?

4. Which company was the first to issue traveller?s cheques?

5. Which fictional detective did Chester Gould create?

6. Which footballer was voted PFA young player of the year in 2000?

7. Who did the writer Robert Bolt describe as ?A man for all seasons??

8. Who played Bert the Sweep in Mary Poppins?

9. Which writer married Vivien Merchant and Lady Antonia Fraser?

10. Who was the first male singer to record UK chart hits on 9 different labels?  


1. HARRY Callaghan

2. DICK Francis

3. Colonel TOM Parker

4. THOMAS Cook

5. DICK Tracy

6. HARRY Kewell

7. Sir THOMAS More

8. DICK van Dyke

9. HAROLD Pinter

10. TOM Jones


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