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The following quiz round was submitted by Geraint from the UK. Many thanks Geraint, nice work.

Who Am I? - Give one clue before each round of the pub quiz

Clue 1 ? For 5 points:

I was born on New Years Eve 1937 to parents Murial and Richard Aurthur. My father was a man of immense, sometimes violent energy, whose eyes would change colour when he was excited

Clue 2 ? For 4 points:

Growing up, I was a sensitive child, happier drawing, painting and playing the piano (I?m now a virtuoso) than hanging with the other kids. I was dyslexic, and very poor academically. Instead I use to love watching fims, coming to diolise stars like Bogart, Cagney, Jack Palance and Richard Burton.

Clue 3 ? For 3 Points:

Following my dream I left school to enrol in the Cardiff College of music and drama and after graduation I took a job with the Arts Council. Following a stint of National Service I returned to my parents' new place in Laleston, near Bridgend and, getting back into drama, appeared in several local plays, making my professional debut in Have A Cigarette, at the Palace Theatre, Swansea, in 1960.

Clue 4 ? For Two Points:

My ' inherited characteristics made me intense, and my years as a lonely outsider fuelled the fire. I won a place at RADA and sprnt the 70?s and 80?s fleeting between theatre and the big screen covering such diverse roles as:

  • secret serviceman Philip Calvert, in Alistair MacLean's When Eight Bells Toll
  • Captain Bligh to Mel Gibson's rebellious Fletcher Christian in The Bounty

Clue 5 ? For One Point

In the 90?s, out of the blue, came the big one ? I was re introduced to the Big Screen as Hannibal Lecter in  Jonathan Demme`s Silence of the lambs. I won an Oscar for this and followed it up with hit roles in Dracula, Chaplin, Legends of the Fall, Amistad, The Mask of Zorro and Meet Joe Black.

It was a far cry from my modest roots in in Wern Road Port Talbot  


Anthony Hopkins

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