Couples Quiz 1

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1. What was the name of William Wordsworths sister?

2. What did Anne Sullivan teach Helen Keller to do?

3. What feat did Alcock & brown accomplish in 1919?

4. Who was Ronald Reagan?s first wife?

5. How were singers Karen and Richard Carpenter related?

6. Which loyal highlander helped Prince Charles Edward Stuart to escape to France after the defeat at Culloden?

7. What was the name of Cesare Borgia?s influential sister?

8. Which 2 leaders shared the Nobel peace prize in 1993?

9. Whom did both Debbie Reynolds and Elizabeth Taylor marry?

10. Which Tennis champion married John Lloyd?  


1. Dorothy

2. Communicate

3. They flew non stop across the Atlantic

4. Jane Wyman

5. Brother and Sister

6. Flora Macdonald

7. Lucrezia

8. Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk

9. Eddie Fisher

10. Chris Evert


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