Vicars and Tarts Quiz 1

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1. The 17th century clergyman who founded Hartford in Connecticut shares his surname with slang name for a prostitute, what is it?

2. Who took the role of the Vicar of Dibley in the TV series of the same name?

3. Which familiar word derives its name from a Greek word meaning ?writings by or about prostitutes??

4. Which satirical writer in 1713 became Dean of St Patrick?s in Dublin?

5. In which Oscar winning film of 1971 does Jane Fonda play a prostitute?

6. Which Churchman was awarded the Nobel peace Prize in 1984?

7. Which Derbyshire town gives its name to a familiar tart?

8. Who is sometimes known as ?The Vicar of Christ??

9. Who wrote the novel ?The Vicar of Wakefield??

10. In which 1986 film does Cathy Tyson play a call-girl befriended by Bob Hoskins?  


1. Hooker (Thomas Hooker)

2. Dawn French

3. Pornography

4. Jonathan Swift

5. Klute

6. Archbishop Desmond Tutu

7. Bakewell

8. The Pope

9. Oliver Goldsmith

10. Mona Lisa


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