Partners Quiz 1

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1. Who was Franklin D Roosevelt?s wife, who helped draw up the Declaration Of Human Rights in 1945?

2. Who was Stan Laurel?s comic partner?

3. Who was Louis XIV?s wife, guillotined in 1793?

4. What were the Montgolfier Brothers known for?

5. Who was Othello?s wife in Shakespeare?s play?

6. Which pair of bright stars are in the constellation Gemini?

7. Who was closely associated with Dr Jekyll in Robert Louis Stevenson?s classic novel?

8. According to legend, which two brothers founded Rome?

9. Who shared the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize?

10. Who were the sons of Adam and Eve?  


1. Eleanor

2. Oliver hardy

3. Marie Antoinette

4. Ballooning

5. Desdemona

6. Castor And Pollux

7. Mr Hyde

8. Romulus and Remus

9. Nelson Mandela and FW de Klerk

10. Cain and Abel


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