Famous People Quiz 8

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1. Who was the host of the old tyme music hall TV show ?The Good Old Days ??

2. What was the name of the mother in the TV series Sylvania Waters?

3. Which soap opera star won a libel against the sun after they described him as boring?

4. Who said in 1990: ? Someone tried to shoot me and now I?m getting a personal character assassination ??

5. Which pop star gave Elton John a precious music box with the inscription ?To my dear Sharon. My left leg has never been the same. Love Phyllis ??

6. Whose catchphrase is ?Nice to see you, To see you nice?

7. Which DJ was married to actress Tessa Wyatt?

8. What was Linda Mcartneys maiden name?

9. Which breakfast TV presenter blamed too much work and too little sleep for his becoming a cocaine user?

10. Who was Elvis Presley manager for more than 20 years?  


1. Leonard Sachs

2. Noeline

3. William Roache

4. Frank Warren

5. Rod Stewart

6. Bruce Forsythe

7. Tony Blackburn

8. Eastman

9. Frank Bough

10. Colonel Tom Parker


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